AGAKOS BRONZE is one of the most modern bronze and brass foundries in Europe and the Mediterranean area. Established in 1964 by the Agakos family, combines traditional wisdom with an experienced personnel and sophisticated casting machinery and methods, we always strive for high quality, flexible delivery and competitive prices, covering the needs of the largest private and public companies in Greece.

Worldwide and especially in Europe, important traders and metal-stockists as well as companies engaged in ship repair, mining machinery, gear and bearing production, heavy machinery, energy etc. appreciate our long experience in centrifugal casting and our prompt delivery.

A modern continuous casting line was recently (2012) set up to satisfy the needs in smaller diameter products and all associated mechanical properties that this fine casting method is able to offer.

AGAKOS BRONZE is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Our casting procedures and products meet all European Standards (EN 1982) in all commercial copper-alloys (Cu-Tin, Cu-Tin-Lead, Cu-Zinc, Cu-Aluminium, Cu-Manganese-Aluminium and Cu-Nickel alloys; see also our alloy-list further below).

Our customer is considered our partner and we are always ready to work out the best solution to your casting needs, constantly improving for a long and healthy cooperation.